Kate Middleton Health Update: Where Is The Princess Of Wales

After months of speculations about Kate Middleton Health update, she came to the open with a video narrating why she’s been silent.

She announced via a video of how she’s undergoing cancer treatment at the moment which made her disappear since December.

Kate or as many will call her Catherine, is a princess of Wales that married Prince William.


Kate Middleton, married to William in a fairytale wedding in 2011.

She has boosted the popularity of the British monarchy more than any royal since Princess Diana.

Furthermore, The princess is the oldest of three children born in the neighborhood of Berkshire, west of London. 

Her family has no aristocratic background, and the British press often referred to Kate as a “commoner” marrying into royalty.

Kate attended Girls’ School Marlborough College and the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

She met Prince William around 2001 during her university days in Scotland as her Friend and housemate. 

Also, she made her relationship public when they were seen together on a skiing holiday in Switzerland in 2004.

Ever since, Kate Middleton has been happily married to her prince charming, are the rumors about her health update true?


After several months of Kate’s disappearance, the Britain watchdog investigated her absence.

During the investigation, they accessed data from the hospital where kate surgery was done.

Interestingly, on March 10 a photo of our dear princess with her family was made public which fueled the supposed speculations.

Kate had been out of view, leading to weeks of gossip. Her attempts to put rumors to bed failed.

She did that by releasing a picture of her on Mother’s Day surrounded by her three children in the UK  backfired.

News agencies retracted the picture because it had been declared manipulated.

Kate made a statement the next day acknowledging she likes to play with editing and apologized for any confusion the photo may have caused. 

But that did little to quell the speculation of Kate Middleton health update.

Kate Middleton Health Update 

Catherine confirmed the rumor on Friday that she is in the early stages of preventive chemotherapy for cancer.

The cancer was diagnosed following abdominal surgery she had in January. 

In the video, Kate did not state what type of cancer doctors found, or how advanced it was. 

Although, cancer doctors reacted to the message saying  that preventive or adjuvant chemotherapy is quite common following surgery that finds cancer. 

Indeed Kate is not going through this alone, photos of People standing near Kensington Palace, which holds the offices and London residences of the Prince and Princess of Wales were released by Alberto Pezzali.

The First Lady Jill, and her beloveth Biden sent their prayers on a post on twitter which reads,

“You are brave we love you”

Morealso, other top politicians and fans are sending their donations and prayers to the princess like the President of France.

Emmanuel Macron wishes Kate a full recovery from cancer in a post on X, 

“In this difficult period you are going through, Brigitte and I wish you a full recovery.”

Kate Middleton health status as of today confirms the rumor about the update of her disappearance for months.

The 49 year old is battling cancer and we can’t help but pray for her full recovery as she undergoes this stage. 


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