Kanye West to visit Lagos, Nigeria for 2024 tour

Renowned American rapper Kanye West is set to visit Lagos State, Nigeria for the second time, as he adds Lagos to the roster of countries he plans to tour in 2024 and 2025.

Ye revealed this information in a post on his official Instagram story on Wednesday.

West, who is preparing for the release of his new album ‘Vultures’ in collaboration with TY Dolla $ign, unveiled the touring lineup list featuring three instalments.

The itinerary features Eko Energy City in Lagos, Nigeria, scheduled for December 14, 2024.

Also in the list is Nyayo International Stadium in Nairobi, Kenya, slated for December 7, 2024.

Kanye’s second visit to Lagos

This is going to be Kanye West’s second performance in Lagos.

His first performance was at the 2007 Star Mega Jam.

West’s world tour commences on June 22, 2024, in Toronto, Canada, traversing the US until August.

Subsequently, it extends to Mexico, Spain, Egypt, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates before culminating in Kenya and Nigeria in December.

In January 2025, Kanye will transition from Nigeria to Australia.

He will conclude the tour in Japan in February.

North West shows off rap skills

Meanwhile, North West showcased her rapping talents.
North made a surprise appearance in her father Kanye West’s latest music video for the track “Talking” from his upcoming Vultures album.

The 10-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian confidently joined her 46-year-old father in the video, which is part of the controversial Vultures album scheduled for release on February 9.

In the video, she delivers lines like: ‘It’s your bestie. Miss, Miss Westie. Don’t try to test me. It’s gonna get messy. It’s gonna get messy. Just just bless me! Bless me!‘

Dressed entirely in black attire like her father, the TikTok star made her mark.
The new video, a collaboration with rapper Ty Dolla Sign, premiered on Wednesday.


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