Joy Chambers cause of death: Here’s what we know.

Australian businesswoman, actress, poet and author, Joy Chambers, has died. She passed away on Sunday, Sept. 17, at the age of 76. Her death came seven years after her husband, Reginald Roy Grundy, died in May 2016. Joy Chambers cause of death is what her fans and followers have been curious to know since the news of her sudden demise came. In this article, however, we’ll tell you just that.

Who was Joy Chambers?

The businesswoman was born in 1947, in Ipswich, Queensland. Her full name is Carolyn Joy Chambers.

Chambers was a successful businesswoman who together with her deceased husband, managed Reg Grundy Enterprises, one of Australia’s biggest television production houses. The production produced successful TV programs such as: Class of ’74The Restless YearsThe Young Doctors, Prisoner, Glenview etc.

Chambers had featured in the TV series, Neighbours, and played Rosemary on a recurring basis since 1986. She made a brief return to the show in 2005, after line producer Linda Walker emailed her asking if she would return for the 20th anniversary of the series.

The late actress also had a great interest in poetry. She was the author of many historic novels.

Joy Chambers Cause of death

The cause of death of the actress is immediately not known. Chambers died in the early hours of Sunday, Sept. 17, at an undisclosed location.

Her family, in a statement announcing the actress’ death, did not disclose what led to the death of Chambers, or how she died.

“Joy has passed away in her sleep early this morning surrounded by loved ones,” part of the statement read. The statement continued that Chambers “will be remembered as a Logie award-winning actress, a best-selling author, a poet, a philanthropist, and an exceptional businesswoman who worked alongside her husband to build one of the largest independent production companies in the world.”

However, whenever we get any updates with regards to how the actress died, we’ll let you know.



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