Joe Matt family: Wife, children, parents. What we know.

The news of famed American cartoonist Joe Matt’s death has sent shockwaves around the world. Unfortunately, the rumors about Joe Matt’s death were confirmed. He died on September 18, 2023. His unique storytelling style continues to make an impact on the world of comics. In this article, we will look at Joe Matt family.

Who was Joe Matt ?

Joe Matt was an American cartoonist best known for his autobiographical work, Peepshow, who was born in 1963. Matt was born in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He began drawing comics in 1987.

Matt began working on Peepshow in 1987. The comic covers his daily life and frequently addresses personal issues such as his relationships, job, and mental health. Matt’s art is distinguished by its dark humor, honesty, and self-awareness.

Peepshow has received recognition from both reviewers and fans for its creativity and insight into the human condition. Numerous honors have been bestowed upon the comic, including the Harvey Award for Best Cartoonist in 2002.

Moreover, Matt is the creator of a number of other comics, including The Poor Bastard and Spent, in addition to Peepshow. He has also written and illustrated several books for youngsters.

However, Matt was a well-known cartoonist whose work has influenced many other artists. He was regarded as one of the forefathers of the autobiographical comics genre.

Joe Matt family.

Joe Matt was married to Patty Mattson, another comic and artist. They have two children together: Henry, a son, and Alice, a daughter.

His work has included references to his family, particularly his autobiographical comic Peepshow. He examines his connection with his wife and children, as well as the problems of fatherhood, in the comic.

Matt values his family and has stated that they are a source of inspiration for his art. He also stated that he enjoys writing about his family since it allows him to connect with his readers.

Moreover, he had a close relationship with his parents in addition to his wife and children. He had stated that they are passionate about his work and that he values their advice.


In wake of the death, fans and loved ones are pouring tribute on X, formerly Twitter. One X user said: “Oh mannn. Terrible, terrible news. JOE MATT died; I never knew him beyond a few Facebook comments, but I don’t think anyone ever gave a truer, more unvarnished self-portrait than his PEEP SHOW comics. And he was gross, infuriating, lovable, and sweet Jesus, soooo talented. F*CK.



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