Who are Jessica Vestal parents?

When Jessica Vestal disclosed that she was a mother to her daughter Autumn, she distinguished herself from the other competitors during Love Is Blind Season 6. Jessica knew coming into this experiment that she wasn’t just seeking for a man for herself, but also a man who would serve as Autumn’s stepdad because being a mum is such a crucial part of her life. In this article, we will be focusing on Jessica Vestal parents.

Personal Life

Jessica described her daughter Autumn as “the most important part of her life” and her “greatest accomplishment” during the sixth season of Love Is Blind.

Jessica clarified that they grew up together when she got to know Autumn’s father in elementary school. They appeared to have dated for a while and were very close friends. Jessica became pregnant with Autumn in her senior year of high school. But she and Autumn’s father split up a year or so after Autumn was born.

They currently share co-parenting of Autumn and get along well. Jessica said, “He’s a great father,” and she felt “very fortunate.”

Jessica’s Instagram page frequently features adorable pictures of her with Autumn.

Who are Jessica Vestal parents?

Jessica disclosed that both of her biological parents battled significant drug addiction during Season 6 of Love Is Blind. Jessica’s father also went to prison not long after she was born. She stayed with her mother until she was four years old, at which point, perhaps as a result of her mother’s relapse, she was placed in foster care.

Her dad was released from prison after a few years in foster care, and she spent a year and a half living with him. However, he sadly committed suicide, which put Jessica back in foster care.

The reason Jessica called her foster mother a “literal angel” who “saved her life” was that if Jessica hadn’t been adopted and had carried on getting pregnant the next year, the state of North Carolina would have taken custody of her daughter. She, however, didn’t reveal the identities of any of her parents.

Source: TimeGist.com


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