Jessica Vestal net worth: How much is she worth?

Valentine’s Day 2024 saw the return of Love Is Blind season 6, which featured a whole new cast of single people trying to find love on the well-known Netflix reality TV series. One of the ladies that immediately captured the interest of viewers in the most recent season was Jessica Vestal. So how much is the break out star worth? We will delve into Jessica Vestal net worth in this article.

Brief Biography

Jessica is an executive assistant by trade and raises her daughter Autumn alone. A partner who wasn’t welcoming of Autumn “would be a total deal-breaker and a complete red flag because we’re a package deal,” the reality star said, acknowledging the importance of her daughter in her life.

Jessica stated that she values a good sense of humor in a spouse “above almost anything else.” She went on to say that people would lose out on her “really funny and goofy personality” if they choose to judge a book by its cover.

“One thing about me is I’m going to laugh, and so that means he’s going to be laughing all the time — whether it be with me or at me,” Jessica explained in her Love Is Blind bio.

Jessica Vestal Net Worth

As of time of writing, Jessica Vestal’s net worth is unknown. It seems understandable since she just gained prominence recently on the big screen.



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