Is Major General Vladimir Zavadsky dead or alive?

There are reports suggesting that a Russian senior military official has been killed in action in Ukraine. The reports prompt Russians and Ukrainians, and all other interested parties, to want to know if Major General Vladimir Zavadsky is dead or alive. In this article, we’ll settle the debate regarding the condition of the officer.

Who is Major General Vladimir Zavadsky?

Zavadsky was born in Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai, Russia, on 11 January 1978. He graduated from the Novosibirsk Higher Military School in 1999 and served in various command positions in the Russian Navy. In 2022, the military officer was promoted to major general.

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Major General Vladimir Zavadsky, 45, was deployed to Ukraine in February 2022 as part of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to multiple sources, he was killed in action in late November this year.

He served as the deputy commander of Russia’s 14th Army Corps.

Is Major General Vladimir Zavadsky dead or alive?

Yes, it is true. Major General Vladimir Zavadsky is not alive. He is dead. The general passed away last week but it was not announced until today, December 4, when Alexander Gusev, the governor of the southwestern Voronezh region, confirmed that Zavadsky is killed, saying he died “at a combat post in the special operation zone.”

According to sources and a high ranking Russian official, the general was killed in a landmine explosion. However, where and how the incident happened remain unknown, at least, as of the time of writing this article.



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