Is Jennifer Hermoso married? Here’s what we know

Luis Rubiales kissed Jennifer Hermoso on the lips after Spain’s historic victory in the Women’s World Cup, last Sunday. The incident was captured on video and went viral, sparking outrage among football fans. Following the incident, a lot of people have been asking if Jennifer Hermoso is married. In this article, however, we revealed the player’s marital status.

Meanwhile, there was no indication that Hermoso and Rubiales, who is the President of the Spanish Football Federation, had a romantic relationship. In fact, the player denied Rubiales’ claim that their kiss was consensual.

She is expected to take legal actions against Rubiales in the coming days. Rubiales, 45, has also threatened to sue the player, saying she lied that their kiss was not consensual.

Is Jennifer Hermoso married?

Jenni Hermoso is not married. There was a rumor that the player is married to his elder brother, Marr Rafa Hermoso. However, this, according to sources close to the player, is not true, and has no iota of truth in it.

The rumour likely originated from a photo of the two kissing on the lips. The photo was shared by Jennifer, in an Instagram post to celebrate Rafa’s birthday, on July 4. The text shared with the post even dispels rumors that she is married to her own brother.

In the post, Jennifer, who is 33, wrote; “One more year. Another year loving you madly. No matter what happens I will always be with you brother. I adore you ❤ Happy Birthday!”

Some argue that if they are indeed siblings, why they would be kissing each other on the lips.

But who knows? It could the that kissing is what the siblings do to show their brotherly love for each other.

Is Jennifer Hermoso dating?

Since the player is not married, one may ask if she is dating. But the answer remains no. Jennifer Hermoso is dating no one currently, according to sources.

In the past, the player was rumoured to be dating Alexia Putelllas, a professional footballer from Catalonia.

According to sources, the Hermoso and Putelllas were in a secret relationship from 2020 to 2022. However, they both have not confirmed it till today.

Their dating rumors were fuelled when Jennifer posted a picture of her, leaning on Putelllas’ shoulder, on Instagram.



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