Is Charlotte Church pro Palestine? Here’s what to know

The Welsh singer Charlotte Church joined a pro-Palestine demonstration after facing criticism for leading a protest chant, saying she was sharing a “loving message.” The big question in people’s minds is whether: Is Charlotte Church pro-Palestine? Find out what we know.

Who is a Pro Palestine?

A pro-Palestine is anyone who is in favor of Palestinian statehood. That is, anyone who is in support of a ceasefire amid the ongoing crisis between Israel and the Palestinians.

It is estimated that Hamas murdered almost 1,200 Israelis in strikes on October 7, 2022. Since then, there have reportedly been over 30,000 deaths in Gaza from retaliatory assaults, the majority of them being women and children. In addition, hundreds more individuals are still missing and over 70,000 more have been injured.

Charlotte Church is not the only celebrity in support of the Palestinians. Others like Angelina Jolie, Pedro Pascal, Gigi Hadid, Mark Ruffalo, Kehlani, amongst others are calling for a ceasefire.

They have shown their solidarity for the Palestinians via protests and social media posts, urging the Israeli’s to quit killing innocent women and children by sending in more airstrikes to Gaza.

Is Charlotte Church pro Palestine?

The protest was coordinated by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) in response to Hamas strikes on southern Israel on October 7, which resulted in over 1,200 fatalities and over 240 kidnappings before Israel launched months-long attacks on the Gaza Strip, inflicting thousands of casualties and injuries.

Demonstrators marched from Hyde Park Corner to the US embassy, waving Palestine flags and holding signs that said, “Stop the war on Gaza” and “Ceasefire now.”

At a Sing For Palestine fundraiser event in Wales in late February, the 38-year-old led a rendition of From the River to the Sea that the Campaign Against Antisemitism referred to as a “genocidal chant.”

The Cardiff-born musician joined thousands of demonstrators in central London on Saturday, March 9 demanding an immediate end to hostilities in Gaza.

She told the PA news agency: “I am here today to call for an immediate ceasefire, to ask our Government and governments all over the world to send as strong a message as we possibly can.

“But a strong, a peaceful, a loving message, that’s what every single march that I’ve been on for Palestine has been about. There’s been singing, there’s been drumming, yes, there’s been emotion, but in the majority that emotion has been love, has been compassion because that’s why we’re all here. We’re all here because we cannot bear what we’re witnessing. We cannot bear to see civilians, children, women slaughtered. And so we are here because our hearts are so full of love for the Palestinian people.”

It is therefore, apparent that Charlotte Church is pro Palestine.



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