How Prince Harry’s visit to King Charles III was marred by new dispute with Queen Camilla

The quarrels within the Royal Family are well known, and as we speak, it is becoming a stumbling block, stopping the Royal House from achieving its goals.

Prince Harry, in particular, has less than cordial relations with several of his close relatives, especially his stepmother, Queen Camilla.

A fresh episode of the well-known family feud recently played out amid widespread confusion over the recent announcement that King Charles III suffers from an unspecified type of cancer.

The alarms set off by Buckingham Palace caused the mobilization of all family members, including Harry.

Harry flew from his home in California, United States, back to London to see his father.

However, the Duke of Sussex’s visit was filled with drama, as old quarrels with the Queen sparked, tarnishing the visit.

A dramatic visit 

Harry’s return to London was filled with speculation from the moment it was announced that he would be taking the flight.

From an eventual meeting with his brother, Prince William, to his father’s reaction upon seeing him, everything was analyzed from every possible point of view.

In the end, one of the scenarios that had been predicted became a reality.

Sources close to the palace revealed that Prince Harry did not want to be in the same room as Queen Comilla when he spoke to his father.

Although the reasons have not been specified, the visit was very short. In fact, many sources agree that it lasted just 30 minutes.

The Duke had dashed out of the palace and then returned to his home in Los Angeles.

How the conflict started

The major reason for the enmity between Harry and Camilla is the memoir that the Prince published a few months ago.

In the memoir, he described the Queen as a “villain” and “dangerous.”

He also accused her of having “sacrificed him on her PR altar” to cleanse her image in the British public’s perception of having caused the split between then-Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.

As for the King, analysts of the affairs of the monarchy said his visit was for health reasons.

Beyond the usual courtesies, analysts said, any conversation could alter the monarch’s blood pressure.

That would endanger his health.

Whatever be the case, Prince Harry remains the “black sheep” of the Royal Family.

However, he is already back in California, with his wife Meghan Markle, and his two children.


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