How Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife Georgina Rodriguez, and her family became central figures in a trial

Georgina Rodríguez Hernández is a social media influencer and model, born on January 27, 1994, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Before now, Rodriguez had maintained a low-key lifestyle, but all that changed the moment Cristiano Ronaldo noticed her the day he went to a luxury store in Madrid, and she was the one who looked after the Portuguese star. Since then, the story keeps unfolding like a theatrical piece put together by a highly creative director.

Despite her efforts to keep her life private, the model always finds her name in the lips of many.

Now, Georgina has had her private family details laid bare in public for all to see during an ongoing lawsuit with the media over her right to privacy and the right for her and her family to be left alone to live their lives.

But also, by the countless media that have been in charge of trying to unveil the secrets of the couple and her family.

Right to be forgotten

That is precisely what Rodriguez is trying to stop in court.
He entourage has christened it as the “right to be forgotten”.

This is nothing more than trying to stop all those people who try to give voice to her family members on different programs.

But that is something that has already happened to her in the past since her maternal grandmother and uncle, her half-sister Patricia and other people close to her already made statements in ‘Salvame’ and ‘Socialite’ that ended up in court.

That did not favor Rodriguez since the judges did not give her the decision and forced her to pay the costs of the trial.

Georgina’s relationship with her father

One of the hidden issues in her life is her relationship with her father, an issue Netflix trashed to a large extent in its documentary.

He reportedly died in Argentina, after living a very hectic life that even led him to prison, and ended up dying in that country.

He died after battling a prolonged illness.

It is believed that it was Rodriguez who took care of her father on a few trips to Argentina. In fact, the point about her father’s life is one of the issues that has appeared in the sentence.

It pop up as members of her family said that she was no longer speaking to her father.

“Many of the statements made throughout the publications described in the lawsuit were not true,” reads the judge’s document.

No relationship

According to her sister, Ivana, in the trial, the lawyer said that both sisters moved to Argentina upon learning of their father’s serious health condition.

However, due to the better working conditions of the defendant, it was agreed between both sisters that Ivana who would remain in Argentina to care for their father.

That will allow Rodriguez return to Spain since she “did not have an indefinite contract” to remain in the country.

As of the time of her father’s hospitalization until his death, the model traveled to Argentina on several occasions.
It was also revealed that neither her grandmother nor her maternal uncle spoke to the plaintiff because they did not have her cell phone, they only had the declarant’s cell phone due to her father’s illness.

“She is not ashamed of that part of the family, they simply did not have a relationship”, concludes the document, in which a part of Rodriguez’s life hidden until now is mentioned.


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