Heath Streak wife: Who is Nadine Streak?

Heath Streak’s wife, who is now his widow, is Nadine Streak. Since the death of the legendary Zimbabwean cricketer, his wife became a topic for discussion by some people, on social media. She was the one who announced his husband’s death in a Facebook post in the early hours of Sunday, Sept. 3.

In this article, however, we will shed more light on who Nadine is, and how she met the deceased player whom she shared four biological children with, and one adopted child.

Who was Heath Streak?

Heath was a professional cricketer, captain and a coach. He played for the Zimbabwe men’s national cricket team (the Chevrons). His international test debut was against Pakistan in 1993, while his last game before retirement, was against India, in September 2005.

Heath served his team twice as captain before his country’s Cricket Union sacked him from the team for alleged participation in rebellions.

Despite his not-so-good relationship with Cricket authorities in his country, he was appointed to coach the national team he was sacked from, in 2009. He served as coach till 2013 when his contract could not be renewed by the Zimbabwe Cricket Board.

On Sunday, Sept. 3, he passed away. This was after months of battling a stage 4 liver and colon cancers.

Who is Nadine Streak, Heath Streak’s wife?

Nadine Streak is the wife (now widow) of Zimbabwean cricketer and coach, Heath Streak. The couple had been together for almost three decades.

Nadine was trending after announcing the death of his husband in a social media post.

“In the early hours of this morning, Sunday the 3rd of September 2023, the greatest love of my life and the father of my beautiful children, was carried to be with the Angels from his home where he wished to spend his last days surrounded by his family and closest loved ones. He was covered in love and peace and did not walk off the Park alone.

“Our souls are joined for eternity Streaky,” she wrote on Facebook. The post has since garnered some 800 shares, with fans and admirers paying tribute in the comment session.

How Nadine and Heath Streak met?

The couple embraced privacy to the extent that they never spoke publicly about their marriage. Therefore, information about how they met, and that of their marriage life, is not available.

However, whenever we have access to such information, we will update you.

Do Nadine and Heath have children?

Yes, the couple shared four beautiful children. They are; Holly, Charlotte, Kevin, and Harry Streak. Information about them remain unavailable. This is because they were kept away from the public eyes.

Some sources say couple had an adopted child in addition to their biological ones. TimeGist however, could not immediately verify this.

Source: TimeGist.com

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