Grouptherapy Group Members: Who Are They?

Grouptherapy is an American music collection founded in 2019 which consists of Jadagrace, Tyrel J. Williams, and Coy Stewart group members.

The group was formed after the three former child entertainers became disillusioned with the American TV and film industry.

In this article we will delve into the Grouptherapy group and share relevant understanding that is worth your search and read.

Grouptherapy Formation

The group members of Grouptherapy came together after feeling fatigue from their bad experiences.

As a result of their dissatisfaction in previous entertainment, the kids entertainers formed grouptherapy in 2019.

Grouptherapy covered different genres such as hip pop, pop rap,  pop and a host of many others that depicted the goal of the group.

They also explore different themes of disillusionment, financial difficulties, rejection and self-empowerment

Here’s a breakdown of what their music success looks like;

  • They have released one studio album, I Was Mature for My Age, but I Was Still a Child 
  • one mixtape There Goes the Neighborhood, as well as 
  • Two EPs, Truth Be Told and This is Not the Album

Grouptherapy Group Members

Grouptherapy consist of three people namely, Jadagrace, Tyrel J. Williams, and Coy Stewart group members.

Although, Tyrel J. Williams is now a past member of this group, he served actively while he was a partner.


Firstly, Jadagrace is an American dancer, rapper, singer, member of Grouptherapy and what have you.

She was born September 1, 1999 as Jadagrace Michiko Gordy-Nash before she became known as Jadagrace.

Also, as an actress, Jadagrace featured in Terminator Salvation, a movie released in 2009.

She later released her song titled, “Express Yourself” at age 9, yeah I am as shocked as you’re. lolz.

Under the Epic Records music label, she released her first single in 2012 after signing a deal with Redfoo.

Tyrel J. Williams

Williams was born March 16, 1997 in New York.

He was born into an educated family where the father is a retired policeman and his mom a counselor.

 Here’s a list of his films,

  • The Naked Brothers Band-2005
  • Everybody Hates Chris -2005/2007
  • Failure To Launch – 2006
  • Batman : The Brave And The Bold 2011
  • Pants on Fire. 2014
  • Hollywood Star girl 2022
  • Pant Down 2023

March 20, 2024, It was announced that Williams split from Grouptherapy after they released their debut mixtape, There Goes The Neighborhood .

Coy Stewart

Coy was born June 24, 1998 in  Columbia, South Carolina, U.S and he will be 25 years old by June.

He is an American actor, rapper, singer and entertainer and member of the Grouptherapy group.

Also, after  reciting lines from popular television series, his interest to be an actor was sparked.

Then he joined a talent agency in Columbia, DeAbreu Modeling and Consulting, before the Travis Younger play in a stage production of A Raisin In The Sun

Coy is currently dating Jadagrace and together they are Grouptherapy members.

Here’s a list of Coy’s films,

  • Jingle Hit Factory: Detention 2015
  • Deadly Detention. 2017
  • House Of The Witch 2017
  • The Judgment of Kyle Noble 2018


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