Frank Frederick Borman net worth: How much was the former NASA astronaut worth?

Following the death of Frank Frederick Borman on Tuesday, November 7, the curiosity to know his net worth increased. In today’s piece, we revealed how much Borman was worth until his demise at age 95.

Frank Frederick Borman was a colonel of the United Sates Air Force (USAF), aeronautical engineer, NASA astronaut, test pilot, and businessman. He was the commander of the famous Apollo 8 mission that flew around the moon in December 1968. Borman, together with his crewmates, Jim Lovell and William Anders, became the first of 24 humans to visit the moon for which he was awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

The Indiana-born businessman was fascinated by airplanes from a young age. His obsession with planes made him to take flying lessons while a schoolboy in Arizona. He became an Air Force fighter pilot after graduating from the United States Military Academy in 1950. After serving in the Air Force for several years, Borman was selected for NASA’s second astronaut program in 1962.

Borman’s first spaceflight was on Gemini 7 in 1965, where he and crewmate Jim Lovell set a new record for space endurance by spending 14 days in orbit.

In 1970, Borman retired from NASA and became chairman and CEO of Eastern Airlines. He led the company through a difficult period of financial turmoil. Unfortunately, he was forced to resign in 1986.He remained active in the aerospace industry after leaving Eastern Airlines. He also served on the boards of several companies.

Frank Frederick Borman net worth

The USAF veteran was one of the richest astronauts in the US. According to sources such as Forbes and Business Insider, the net worth of Frank Frederick Borman is around $5 Million.

Borman worked many lucrative jobs before old age forced him out of the corporate world.

First, he joined the USAF in August 1950 as a fighter pilot. After 12 years in service, he left the air force in September 1962 to join NASA as astronaut. However, after just 8 years, he retired to join the now-defunct Eastern Airlines. Borman rose through the ranks to become the airline’s Chief Executive. He eventually resigned as CEO when the firm was in serious financial turmoil.

USAF, Eastern Airlines and NASA, were all high-paying organizations Borman worked for, and he made a huge fortune from the salaries and other financial benefits that came with the positions he occupied in those organizations.

Also, Frank Frederick Borman ran a number of businesses that saw his net worth increased.

Looking at all these facts, it can be said that Borman indeed had millions of dollars in his name before death knocked on his door.

May his gentle soul Rest In Perfect Peace!



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