Flight tracking: Why Taylor Swift sold her private jet

Taylor Swift recently got rid of one of her private jets, a Dassault Falcon 900. The moves is part of her efforts to curtail flight tracking.

The Federal Aviation Authority confirmed the change in ownership.

Formerly registered under SATA LLC, associated with Swift’s Nashville address, the jet is now under a Missouri-based company established in 2006.

The details of the transaction remain undisclosed. However, a new Dassault 900 can cost up to $44 million.

Swift is now left with one private jet, a Dassault 7X, which has a larger cabin and passenger capacity.

Her upcoming trips

Swift’s travel plans, including upcoming Tokyo concerts and a trip to support her boyfriend, Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, has stirred speculation about her transportation choices.

Given her preference for private jets, concerns about environmental impact have arisen, especially after reports of her high private-jet carbon emissions.

Despite Swift’s spokesperson disclosure that her purchase of carbon credits to offset this, the criticism persists.

Swift’s efforts to maintain privacy, including enrolling in the FAA’s privacy program, have not shielded her from public eyes.

College student Jack Sweeney, known for tracking celebrity flights, received a cease-and-desist letter from Swift’s legal team after sharing her flight data.

He was accused of “stalking and harassing behavior.” Yet, Sweeney defended his actions as transparency-driven.

“I think the people are interested,” Sweeney said.
“You should have a decent expectation that your jet will be tracked whether or not I do it as, after all, it is public information. Nowhere do I intend to harm.”


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