FIFA rejects Rubiales’ appeal, insist on three-year ban over World Cup kiss

Luis Manuel Rubiales Béjar is a Spanish former football official and professional player born 23 August 1977 in Las Palmas, Spain.

World football organizing body, FIFA has officially confirmed that Luis Rubiales will face a three-year ban from the sport.


The decision comes as a punishment for the former Spanish football chief after forcing himself to kiss Spain footballer, Jenni Hermoso.

The incident happened during the last World Cup.

Rubiales had filed an appeal, but sadly, FIFA rejected his appeal, solidifying the consequences of his actions.

In a statement issued on Friday, “The Appeal Committee was comfortably satisfied that Mr Rubiales behaved in a manner contrary to the principles enshrined under … the FIFA disciplinary code.”

How it started

Rubiales had came under heavy criticisms over the kissing scene with Hermoso on the lips against her will after the Women’s World Cup final in Sydney in August, for which he is set to face trial in Spain.

Rubiales denied allegations that the kiss was non-consensual.

Reports say that he is considering the possibility of appealing his global ban from all “football-related activities” imposed by FIFA. He may take his case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Prior to this time, FIFA temporarily suspended Rubiales. Later, a three-year ban was imposed on him in October.

But, he decided to challenge this decision and filed an appeal.

Significant changes

Spain emerged victorious in the Women’s World Cup.

It was their first-ever title, and the joy was overwhelming.

Then, to the shock of all, admits the loud excitement, Rubiales took actions leading to subsequent fallout that marred their triumph.

Despite mounting international pressure, the 46-year-old refused to step down from his position for three weeks.

Angered by his act, players from various teams began protesting against the Spanish Football Federation until significant changes were implemented.

Coach Jorge Vilda has been relieved of his duties by the federation, along with three other individuals.
They are also facing coercion charges for allegedly pressuring Hermoso to claim that the kiss was consensual.

On Thursday, Judge Francisco de Jorge of Spain’s Audiencia Nacional top criminal court suggested that Rubiales should stand trial for charges of sexual assault and coercion.

Judge Francisco de Jorge determined that the kiss was “neither consensual nor anticipated” and was an act initiated solely by Rubiales.


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