Find out the famous people who died today

The death of famous people often trends in mainstream traditional and social media when it is announced. Also, we at time hardly hear the news of the demise of certain people despite the fact that they were also famous. Just imagine your favourite personality died and you could not hear about it till days or months later. You will be disappointed right?

In today’s guide, we will teach you how to get updated on famous people who died today. As for death, it occurs everyday, and both rich and famous are not spared.

The guide is not specific to a date, but all days in the year.

How to find out the famous people who died today

You can always find this out using Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that has almost 7 million published article pages. Among these pages, is Deaths in 2023.

The Deaths in 2023 page on Wikipedia is where you can find a list of people who died today, yesterday or several days earlier. Also, the nationality and cause of death of the person, are indicated. The page handlers categorize the deceased’s names under their respective dates of death.

Currently, the average pageview the page garners everyday, stands at 131,000, making it one of the most visited pages on Wikipedia.

deaths in 2023 Wikipedia page pageview
A screengrab of the pageview analysis page of “Deaths in 2023” Wikipedia page

In addition, editors update the page as soon as they confirm the death of a famous person. So, you will always get the an update whenever a person, deemed popular, passes to eternity.



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