Are Esther Campbell and Steve Harwell still together?

Following reports that retired musician and former Smash Mouth band member, Steve Harwell, is on his death bed at a hospice care, his fans become curious to know if he and Esther Campbell are still together. Esther Campbell and Steve Harwell were lovers, but now, no love exists between them.

After his wife of so many years, Michelle Laroque, left, Steve had not been reported of dating. Even if he was dating, it was not in the public domain.

But in September 2019, it came to light that Harwell was dating Esther Campbell. This came to light following issues they both had. According to Campbell, she and Harwell started dating for more than a year before they got engaged in September 2019.

However, shortly after their engagement, the Esther and Steve started to have issues. The issues all had to do with Harwell’s excessive alcohol abuse.

According to Campbell, Harwell kept threatening her whenever he was intoxicated.

As she could not tolerate Harwell any longer, she went to court seeking a restraining order against the former Smash Mouth lead vocalist.

She claimed in the legal documents that the musician’s management warned her not to file for a protective order because he [Harwell] has “means,” and could make her life difficult.

In addition, Campbell stated in the court documents that the court should the musician to go for rehab or Alcoholics Anonymous which is a fellowship of persons who have alcohol abuse problems.

Months afterwards, Esther Campbell and Steve Harwell officially discontinued their relationship.

Esther Campbell and Steve Harwell children

Campbell and Harwell share no children. In fact, they dated for not so long before their relationship ended.

However, the former musician had a son, Presley Scott Harwell. Presley died in 2001, six months after his birth. His mother was Steve’s former wife, Michelle Laroque.

So who is Steve dating now?

The 56 year-old musician is not known to be in a relationship at the moment. He is currently battling with end stage liver failure at a hospice, and reports have it that he has just a few days to live.


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