Emilio Correa Net Worth: How Much Was The Boxer Worth?

Emilio Correa is a determined boxer who has won Cuban boxing gold medals and various awards across Cuba and Havana. The net worth of Emilio Correa is yet to be known and so this article is structured to help you understand his endeavors.

We’ll look at his early life, awards, awesome accomplishments, children, marital status and finally Emilio Correa net worth, kindly seat tight as we take off.

Early Life

This legend started off as a boxer earlier than you can imagine, his determination and focus made him bring gold and bronze medal of the Pan American Games in 1971.

Furthermore, this Cuban boxer got motivated as a result of his victory in the Pan American Game and excelled beyond imagination. From the information gathered, Emilio Correa net worth is such that everyone envies since he understands how to put his act together.

Emilio Correa was born in March 21, 1953 in Santiago de Cuba where his parents lived, Unfortunately, he died on Monday, March 11, 2024 after what seemed like a brief illness.

The cause of death of this legend remains unknown to he’s die hard fans and country-men, he died at the age of 71 and is survived by his son, Emilio Correa  Bayeux Jr.

Boxing Success

The boxing Success of Emilio Correa will not be discussed without mentioning his role in the trio Cuban Olympic Games. where, he was one of the three Cuban boxers who rewrote history by winning the Munich gold medal for Cuban boxing.

The above is considered his biggest achievement as a Cuban boxer, although it’s quite saddening that the three Cuban boxers are dead.

Finally, a man’s son remains his greatest success in life and Emilio Correa son is alive to carry on his father’s legacy.

Emilio Correa Net Worth 

The total net worth of Emilio Correa is not available for public consumption, his son has not reviewed that yet. However, one can tell from his lifestyle that he was a very influential boxer.

During his boxing days he won numerous medals, gold and bronze inclusive, Correa did so well in organizing all his assets and kept it away from the public.

Therefore, his son Emilio Jr is perceived to be the heir of his wealth as the only known child of this great hero.

The reason for this privacy could be as a result of Correa humility and love for privacy and this is highly commendable.


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