Emilio Correa Children: Who Are They?

Emilio Correa was a legendary boxer in Cuban boxing, his medals and awards speaks volume and his legacy extends to his children. He was a determined boxer who captured the minds of many with his unwavering passion for the game.

His love for the game didn’t interfere with his fatherly responsibility and role thus, has raised giants in the name of children who bear his determination and legacy.

Furthermore, he grew from professional boxers to business enthusiasts, Emilio Correa children serve as a testimony to his determination and dedication. 

Although this legend may no longer be with us, his efforts and impactful zeal in the world of boxing and family continued success will never be forgotten. 

Early Life and career 

Emilio Correa is a native of Cuba and a Cuban boxer who rose to fame in the 1970s and 1980s, with his remarkable talent and achievements in the ring, his interest in boxing sparked from a young age and he began training quickly and showcased his exceptional skills.. 

Secondly,  Emilio’s career took a leap when he represented Cuba in the 1972 Munich Olympics, he won a gold medal in the welterweight 67 kg as a result, the excitement and victory triggered further success, and he continued to dominate the Cuban boxing scene. 

Also, Emilio Correa children identity is not available online except for his son who inherited his passion for the sport,  following in his footsteps making a mark in the boxing world.

Emilio Correa is a native of Cuba and a  Cuban boxer who rose to fame in the 1970s and 1980s with his remarkable talent and achievements in the ring. 


There are no specific details about Emilio Correa marriage but from the level of maturity, love, commitment and ambition exhibited by their son, one could tell that he had a happy home.

A successful marriage requires understanding and compromise from both partners, which are traits seen in Emilio Correa Jr who happens to be the known son of Emilio Correa children..

Emilio Correa Children

Emilio Correa is survived by his son Emilio Correa Bayeux Jr  who took after him in the Olympics and has become a strong amateur Cuban boxer, he was born 12th October 1985

Emilio Correa Jr is that perfect son every parent would pray for, he is determined, dedicated , loving and full of valor.

At a glance, he looks so much like his father of blessed memory who passed on recently on 11th March, 2024 being yesterday.

The available information about the son of Emilio Correa reveals he is capable of holding onto his father’s legacy and wealth.

Unfortunately, the news of his father’s death got to the public via a Facebook post where he stated

 ” I am devastated, only the thought of what I did for him calms me. I took care of him, fed him, healed him and loved him more every day. Amen to my father. God keep you as he did my mother,” in a text addressed to his friends.


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