Emilio Correa Cause Of Death: How Did The Cuban Boxer Die?

Emilio Correa was one of the first Cuban boxing champions, what could be the cause of his death and why is it unknown? This leaves his fans wondering.

The champion passed on in Brazil at 71 years, he left behind his son who bears the same name as him and plays in the Olympics awesomely, he wrote to notify the public in a not too good tone about his father’s demise yesterday.

In his letter he wrote, “I am speechless, and the only thing that brings me peace is the memory of what I did for him. Every single day, I made sure he was well taken care of, nourished, and healed, and I loved him even more. Thank you, my father.”

Furthermore, the National Institute of Sport President has tweeted his heartfelt message about the demise of this legendary boxer and how he shines in Cuban boxing.

Another prominent body, the Cuban Olympic Committee sent their condolence message where they expressed their hurt on confirming the death of this prestigious Cuban boxer.

These messages depicted their mind and stirred up an emotional uproar on social media platforms.


Emilio Correa Vaillant is a native of Santiago de Cuba born  21 March, 1953. He started boxing in 1966 and won gold and bronze medals in welterweight 67kg for Pan American Games in 1971 and 1975 respectively.

Emilio Correa cause of death is still unknown to the public who are itching to know already.

Achievements and Medals

He won the Olympic Games and the World Championship, Emilio Correa cause of death is uncertain following his sons post. secondly, he was one of the three Cuban boxers who made history in Munich in 1972 by collecting the first Olympic gold medals for Cuban boxing.

Emilio was a PAN American champion in the Pan-American Games in 1971 in California. Also, this Cuban boxer won a gold medal at the Olympic Games in 1972. In addition, Correa Vaillant also won the first global championship in 1974 in Havana.

Here’s a quick summary of Correa medals;

  1. Pan American Game [1971, California]
  2. Olympic Games [1972 Munich]
  3. World Championships [1974, Havana ]
  4. Pan American Game [1975, Mexico City]

Emilio Correa Cause Of Death

It hurts to know that the only surviving trio boxer had passed on after years of standing alone as a trio considering Teófilo Stevenson (2012) and Orlando Martínez (2021), had passed away.

These trio boxers made history indeed after capturing the first gold medal at Munich for Cuban boxing .

Emilio Correa cause of death remains unannounced to the public although rumor has it that he suffered a brief illness before his demise on Monday, 11th March, 2024. Let’s continue to pray for his family


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