Drunk driving: Kumbia Kings’ Pee Wee arrested in Texas

Irvin Salinas Martinez, professionally known as Pee Wee, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor, born on December 8, 1988, in Washington, United States.

Pee Wee, a former lead singer of the Kumbia Kings and Kumbia All Starz, was arrested on Friday, on his way home from a party in Hidalgo, Texas, United States.

Initial reports indicate that he was detained for several hours while his lawyers worked to free him so he could return home.

The report was made by journalist Carlo Uriel, who shared photographs of the moment the singer was booked and indicated that the artist’s manager confirmed the news.

He added that Irvin Salinas Martinez failed a breathalyzer test on his way home, causing the arrest.

“I am confirmed by Pepe Rincon, manager of singer Pee Wee, that today he was arrested in the United States for drunk driving while driving from a meeting to his home. I am told that Pee Wee’s lawyers are already working on this,” he published in his X account.

About Pee Wee

Pee Wee, is the youngest of three siblings in a Mexican-American family. His older sister is named Elizabeth Salinas and his older brother Simon Salinas.

His mother, María Martínez, moved to La Joya, Texas, located 18 miles west of McAllen Texas.

Irvin began to wash cars, wash dishes and perform other small jobs to provide his family with extra income and at thirteen, he met A.B. Quintanilla, brother of Selena.

It was in a casting at Pee Wee’s middle school. It was then that A.B. Quintanilla expressed interest in Pee Wee, and informed him about a casting for a music video with his band and offered him an audition.
He also went to Memorial Middle School and La Joya High School.

How long will Pee Wee spend in prison?

It was gathered that the 35-year-old actor was arrested in Hidalgo, Texas, at the same time that images of the moment he was booked by the authorities began to spread.

If the report is confirmed, he would have a record for driving under the influence of substances. It is not known at this time how long he will remain in prison.


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