Donation saga: Liberals roast Mary Lou Retton after health issues

American gymnast Mary Lou Retton, who is prominent for her heroic performance and gold medal at the 1984 Olympics, has suffered heavy criticism from some liberals after facing health issues.

Retton battled a rare form of pneumonia.
Trouble began when it was later revealed that she was uninsured, prompting some liberals to attack her.

Things escalated after the gymnast’s family disclosed that they had received financial donations to cover medical bills.

This revelation led to scrutiny from liberals, including columnist Christine Brennan from USA Today.

Account of funds

Brennan demanded a detailed account of the funds raised, totaling $459,324.

She expressed disappointment when Retton’s daughters did not provide the detailed information she sought.

Additionally, Brennan questioned why Retton didn’t have health insurance, suggesting that an insurance agent find plans she might qualify for.

“Asked in several text messages and a voicemail on Monday about her lack of health insurance until recently, her financial situation and why she refuses to divulge where she was hospitalized or the name of her doctor(s) more than two months after she left the hospital, Retton, 55, declined to reply,” Brennan wrote.


The criticism intensified when the gymnast’s daughters mentioned that the remaining funds would be donated to charity.

She, however, didn’t provide specific details, leading Brennan to accuse them of lacking transparency.

“In a text message to USA TODAY Sports Saturday, Kelley would not comment on how much of the nearly half-million dollars has been accounted for, but said that ‘all remaining funds’ would go to a charity of her mother’s choice,” Brennan added.
“She offered no timetable or further information.”


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