South Korean film director, Kim Soo-yong, has died. Here’s his cause of death

South Korean veteran film director and reserve captain in the Republic of Korean Army, Kim Soo-yong, has been reported dead. He was 94 years old. Kim Soo-yong cause of death, according to his family, is old age.

The director and military officer was a representative figure in the Korean film industry. He debuted his presence with the release of Gong Cheoga¬†in 1958. He went on to release hundreds of films with some of them breaking records in the Korean movie scene. Kim’s last film he directed is Agarwood¬†in 1999.

Sorrow in the Sky (1965), Seaside Village (1965), Fog (1967), and Forest Fire (1967) are few of the hit films the veteran directed worked on. The film, There’s Sadness in the Sky, became the biggest box office hit of the 1960s. It was exported to Taiwan and other countries and became popular overseas.

In his later years, Kim Soo-yong served as an administrator in various capacities. He was the first movie director to serve as the president of the National Academy of Arts. As the chairman of Korea Media Rating Board from 1998 for six years, he helped relax the censorship criteria on movies. This made it easy for the release of films such as Lies by Jang Sun-woo and Too Young to Die by Park Jin-pyo.

Kim Soo-yong cause of death

The cause of death of director Kim Soo-yong, according to family sources contacted, is old age. Born on September 23, 1929, the deceased director died at age 94. At such ages, people often become weak and vulnerable to ailments due to their body system’s weakness.

The death of he director happened on Sunday, December 3.

Kim Soo-yong funeral

Whenever death occurs, a funeral is held to lay the deceased to rest, and in Kim’s case, same thing will be done by the family.

His funeral will be held at the Seoul National University Hospital funeral hall, and it will be held with a movie seal.


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