Dexter Romweber children: Does the late musician have children?

Dexter Romweber was an American musician who hailed from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He was born on June 18, 1966. On Friday, February 16, the passed away, and his fans have since become eager to know his cause of death as well as information on his private life. In this article, we talk about the children of Dexter Romweber.

In announcing the demise of Dexter, his family said in a statement posted to Facebook that it was their “sad duty to inform the world that our beloved youngest brother John Michael Romweber II – you know him as Dexter — died at home…”

His family described him as “one of the most acclaimed artists of the roots-rock underground, going back to his time with the Kamikazes. But the band that put him on the map was Flat Duo Jets.”

Dexter’s most recent album was Good Thing Goin, which was released just last year.

Who was Dexter Romweber?

Dexter Romweber was primarily known as a guitarist and vocalist. He gained prominence as one-half of the rockabilly duo, Flat Duo Jets, which he formed in the 1980s with drummer Chris “Crow” Smith.

The group all of a sudden gained a huge following for their intense live performances

However, following the disbandment of the group in the 1990s, the 57-year old musician pursued a solo career and released a number of albums. He collaborated with various musicians who do same genres as him, over the years.

Dexter Romweber children

Dexter lived a very private life, and as a result, not much is known about his personal life. Whether or not he had children or a wife remain unknown. But whenever such information becomes publicly available, we will surely bring it to your attention.



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