Dex Carvey girlfriend: Who is Kaylee?

On Thursday, November 16, stand-up comedian Dana Carvey and his wife, Paula Zwagerman, announced the death of their 32-year-old son, Dex Carvey. Dex died in the night of Wednesday, Nov. 15, and his cause of death, according to a statement from his parents, is accidental drug overdose. Dex Carvey girlfriend was around when the comedian died, and now, many people are curious to know about her.

Who was Dex Carvey?

Dex Carvey was born on August 15, 1991. He was an actor and stand-up comedian.

He was the eldest son of comedian Dana Carvey. Dex, at a point in time, worked as a content developer for his father’s company, Dana Carvey Enterprises

He appeared in the films Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser (2005) and Carpool Pandering (2016), and has had a recurring role on the television show The Funster (2013).

As a comedian himself, Dex opened for his father on several stand-up comedy tours. One of his notable openings was in 2016 when he opened for his father in his 2016 Netflix special, Straight White Male. At the time, Dex performed for six minutes and got some laughs from the audience

So, who is Dex Carvey girlfriend?

Dex Carvey had a beautiful lady as his girlfriend. Her name is Kaylee. Kaylee was the one who reported to law enforcement officers via phone that Dex locked himself in a bathroom and was unresponsive, per TMZ.

Soon after the paramedics arrived the scene, they started doing whatever was necessary to revive Dex. Unfortunately, all efforts could not change the situation. He was declared dead on the scene, right in front of his girlfriend. All this happened in an apartment in Los Angeles.

Kaylee and Dex have been dating for quite a long time. But much information about their relationship remain unknown. The love birds have no child, and information about what Kaylee does and that of her personal life remain unknown. All that some people know about her is that she was Dex’s girlfriend.



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