Dex Carvey cause of death: How did the comedian die?

Dex Carvey, the eldest son of popular comedian, Dana Carvey, has passed away at age 32. Sources disclosed to TMZ that Dex, who was also a comedian, died on Wednesday, November 15. In this article, the cause of death of Dex Carvey is discussed, as fans of the comedian keep asking demanding to know how the star died.

“Last night we suffered a terrible tragedy. Our beloved son, Dex, died…. He was 32 years old,” a statement from Dana and his wife that was released on Thursday, November 16, reads.

The statement continued that; “Dex packed a lot into those 32 years. He was extremely talented at so many things — music, art, film making, comedy — and pursued all of them passionately.”

But who was Dex Carvey?

Dex was the eldest child of Dana Carvey and Paula Zwagerman. He was born in 1991. He followed his father’s footstep to become a stand up comedian, and had performed severally since becoming a professional comedian and actor.

Dex’s younger brother, Thomas Carvey, is also an aspiring comedian. So, you could be right when you say ‘The Carvey Brothers’ are comedians.

In 2016, Dex opened for his father in his 2016 Netflix special, Straight White Male. While opening for his dad, Dex performed for the crowd for six minutes, getting some genuine laughs from the thousands of fans present.

Dex Carvey cause of death

In the statement that Dex’s father, Dana, released, “accidental drug overdose” is cited as the cause of death of the comedian.

“Our beloved son, Dex, died of an accidental drug overdose,” the statement reveals.

According to TMZ, Dex’s girlfriend was the one who called law enforcement officers in Los Angeles around 10 pm, to report that the deceased comedian locked himself in the bathroom and that he was unresponsive.

Upon arrival at the house, paramedics tried to revive the heavily intoxicated Dex, but all efforts yielded no results. The Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser actor was then declared dead at the scene.



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