Zong Qinghou in Illuminati? Here’s what to know.

Following the death of Zong Qinghou, a lot of people, for whatever reasons, began to wonder if the late Chinese billionaire was in Illuminati. In this article, we discussed whether or not Zong was a member of the secret sect.

Qinghou was a billionaire businessman who founded the Hangzhou Wahaha Group. The company owns several subsidiaries including Wahaha Food Group Company which is one of the biggest beverages manufacturer in China. Zong died on Sunday, February 25, 2024, at a hospital where he was admitted a few days earlier. He was 78.

Who was Zong Qinghou?

Zong Qinghou was born on November 16, 1945, in Suqian,¬†Jiangsu,¬†China. He was born into poverty and received little formal education due to his family’s financial woes at the time. Despite his poor background, the late businessman never gave up his entrepreneurial tendencies.

Things took a sudden turn when he started selling beverages and milk in a small kiosk. Having recognized the potential of the market, the businessman went for loan to start producing his own line of dairy beverages. He eventually established the Wahaha Food Group Company which would later become a huge commercial success. The company became a household name across China.

The success story of Zong Qinghou also made a lot of people to think he belonged to the Illuminati, as they believed only members of the sect could become suddenly successful and rich as in the case of the late businessman, who was broke even in his 40s.

Zong, in September last year, was named on Forbes list of Chinese billionaires as the 53rd richest person in the country with a total net worth of US$ 5.9 billion. He was also named China’s richest at a point in time.

He was survived by his spouse, Shi Youzhen, and his two children, Kelly and Fuli Zong. Kelly is the current President of Hangzhou Wahaha Group. However, much information is not known about Fuli.

Was Zong Qinghou in Illuminati?

The late billionaire businessman had never revealed or indicated anywhere that he was in the secret Bavarian sect. Therefore, assertions that he was in Illuminati could only best be described as a conspiracy theory with no iota of truth in it.

Source: TimeGist.com


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