Who is Censored Dialogue Girlfriend

The versatile Censored dialogue is a rapper, a singer, a director, a producer, a video editor, and director, a good girlfriend and a graphic designer who also makes hip-hop and R&B.

Censored dialogue is known for being unabashedly raw and honest in her art and prides on that.

But that’s not the reason we are here. Does censored dialogue have a girlfriend?

Early life

Before talking about the musician girlfriend, you may like to know that Censored dialogue didn’t really have a smooth childhood.

As a result of being black and queer, she got into lots of fights, faced racism and was called names.

Censored Dialogue grew up in Lawton, Oklahoma and when she was done with highschool, moved to Waco to attend Baylor university.

Morealso, after high school, she moved to Austin which was supposed to be a safe haven for queers like her but turned out to be safe only to people who identify as gay.

Career success and struggle

Censored Dialogue has a little independent record label which she founded along with her best friend Waylin Flaza.

Furthermore, he makes alternative R&B and hip-hop and has dabbled into underground experimental music.

He has drop albums like “Afro Pessimist”(which she tagged ‘Very Heavy And Depressing’), , Hate Crime, Stir Crazy and handbacks.

Censored Dialogue Girlfriend

It is not official to the public who Censored Dialogue girlfriend is but she obviously has had a number of girlfriends in her high school and university days.

Considering the fact that she communicates her life story and raw emotions in her music.

Also, in some of her music, she mentions a series of failed relationships with girlfriends.

some based on parental issues and others unsolved misunderstandings.

This revelation clearly states that he has had girlfriends in the past and most likely has a girlfriend presently.


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