Who is Cat Janice boyfriend: Here’s what to know

The 31-year-old American singer-songwriter Cat Janice passed away from cancer a few weeks after going viral on social media for dedicating her final song to her 7-year-old son. Who is Cat Janice boyfriend? Check it out in this article.

Personal Life

The daughter of Mary and John Ipsan, Janice grew up in Annandale after being born in Northern Virginia.

Her parents were instrumental in encouraging her love of music and developing her gift at an early age.

Janice’s parents supported and encouraged her without wavering during her whole singing career.

Janice’s parents were part of the loving family who surrounded her in her last moments and continued to be pillars of strength for their daughter throughout her fight with cancer.

The Ipsan family highlighted the close relationship among themselves by thanking everyone for their love and support both during and after Janice’s illness. William Ipsan was Janice’s younger brother, and Meredith was her older sister.

In addition to overseeing her work, William supported her throughout her cancer battle. He talked about how their parents and his three siblings took a break from their lives to help Janice.

Will emphasized their close relationship and the family’s commitment to supporting Cat through her difficult times. A big part of Meredith’s support system was her sister.

When Cat needed her, she had to leave her mission trip in Cambodia and head back to Northern Virginia.

Loren, Janice’s 7-year-old son, is her surviving child. Janice gave him all the rights to her music, demonstrating her unwavering devotion to him. Janice was greatly impacted by Loren, particularly during her cancer fight.

Cat Janice boyfriend?

Janice and Kyle Higginbotham were married. Higginbotham is a specialist with more than ten years of expertise in the health and wellness industry.

He is well-known for his collaborations with Footwrek, a gifted musician honored for his services to the music business. With the credentials of CRM and CIC, Higginbotham has also worked in the insurance and risk management sectors.

At Higginbotham, where he presently holds an executive vice president position, he specializes in risk management for a range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, and real estate.

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