Brian Mulroney wife: Meet Mila Pivnicki

Brian Mulroney was a former Canadian Prime Minister who died on Thursday, February 29, 2024. He was 84. Since his death, people become eager to know about his personal life. In this article, however, we’ll discuss Brian Mulroney wife, Mila Pivnicki, who he married in 1973.

The politician’s death was announced on X (formerly Twitter) by his politician daughter, Caroline Mulroney. In the post, Caroline wrote: “On behalf of my mother and our family, it is with great sadness we announce the passing of my father, The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, Canada’s 18th Prime Minister. He died peacefully, surrounded by family.”

Who is Mila Pivnicki?

Mila Pivnicki was born on July 13, 1953, in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina). At a very youthful age, she migrated to Canada with her family and pursued a higher education at the Montreal-based Concordia University.

Her parents, Dimitrije Pivnicki and Bogdanka Ilic, were all Serbian orthodox. Mila, her mum and one other sibling were able to enter Canada when her father, who was a medical doctor, scored a research fellowship position at the Royal Victoria Hospital’s Allan Memorial Institute of Psychiatry in Montreal.

Mila Pivnicki as Brian Mulroney wife

Brian and Mila got married when they were 19 and 34 years old respectively. Brian was a legal practitioner at the time. Their marriage event took place on May 26, 1973.

The couple were both heavily involved with the Progressive Conservative Party (PCP) activities in Westmount.

In 1984, Brian led his party in the general elections and won to become the Prime Minister, automatically making Mila the first lady. She was the first lady till her husband’s resignation in 1993.

Mila, as wife of Brian Mulroney, broke tradition with her active and visible role as first lady. She embraced public appearances, actively advocating for various charities, particularly the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, where she served as the honorary chair. However, her lavish lifestyle and perceived influence on political decisions also attracted public criticism and controversy.

The couple shared four lovely children: Caroline Mulroney who is a politician, Ben, Nicolas and Mark.



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