Brereton Jones children: Here’s what we know.

Brereton Jones was a former Republican governor for Kentucky. He happened to be the 50th governor. After Kentucky governor announced his death, many are rushing to confirm the death from Brereton Jones children. Continue reading to learn about his children.

Who was Brereton Jones?

Jones grew up in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, after being born in Gallipolis, Ohio. He received his bachelor’s degree from Marshall University and his law degree from the University of Kentucky. Jones entered politics after participating in the Vietnam War.

In 1964, he was elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates and served as the Republican floor leader in 1966.

Jones relocated to Kentucky in 1970 and began practicing law in Frankfort. He was elected Kentucky’s lieutenant governor in 1986 and served in that role until 1990. He was elected governor of Kentucky in 1990, easily defeating incumbent Republican Wallace Wilkinson.

Moreover, Jones left office with high approval ratings in 1996. Since then, he has worked as a consultant and lobbyist. However, he died today September 18, 2023, aged 84.

Brereton Jones children and family.

Brereton Jones was married to Elizabeth “Libby” Lloyd, the daughter of former Kentucky Adjutant General Arthur Lloyd. Lucy and Bret are their two children.

The Joneses relocated to Airdrie Farm, Libby’s childhood home in Woodford County, Kentucky, in 1972. The Joneses have raised multiple racehorses on the farm, which is a working horse farm.

Brereton Jones came from a close-knit family. His wife and children, he claimed, are his staunchest supporters. He also has a close relationship with his extended relatives.

The Jones family is well-known in Kentucky. Brereton Jones is a well-known and respected politician, and his wife and children are community leaders.

Moreover, Brereton Jones was very close to his two children, Lucy and Bret. He has stated that they are his most significant accomplishments in life.

Jones was a proud parent who was constantly available to his children. He believes in their ambitions and dreams, and he is always willing to assist them when they need it.

Brereton Jones children have also praised their father. They have expressed gratitude for having him in their lives, describing him as a kind and supporting father.

However, Lucy Jones is a University of Kentucky graduate who works as a teacher in Woodford County, Kentucky. Bret Jones is a Centre College graduate who works as a businessman in Lexington, Kentucky.



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