Boogie2988 net worth: How much is the YouTuber worth?

Boogie2988 is a very popular and controversial YouTuber and Twitch streamer. The 49 year-old plus-size YouTuber started his channel in April 2006. Currently, the channel has over 4 million subscribers, with almost 900 million total views. The success of the channel has however, brought Boogie2988 net worth in the spotlight.

About Boogie2988

Boogie2988, whose real name is Steven Jay Williams, grew up along with two older siblings, in St. Paul, Virginia. His father was Carl Williams, a coal miner, and Wanda Faye Williams was his mother. She was a teacher who died in October 2009.

Boogie2988 described his childhood as a “sad” period in his life. He indicated that his dealing with obesity, lack of friends, and suffering physical and verbal abuse from his own mother, made childhood a bitter experience for him.

The YouTuber graduated from the St. Paul High School in Virginia. He furthered his education to the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. Unfortunately, he could not complete the program he was admitted to read.

In October 2013, Boogie2988 married Desiree Williams who he had met in 2009. In December 2017, he announced that Desiree filed for a divorce. A court finalized the divorce on February 13, 2018, ending the couple’s five years of marriage.

He is currently dating a mysterious lady who he showed off in a video on his channel. Information about the lady is not yet available.

Boogie2988 net worth

Boogie2988 has a net worth of $5 million. This is according to several sources on the internet. The YouTuber has a huge subscriber base on YouTube and more than 413,000 followers on Twitch.

Each video he uploads to YouTube, is watched by tens of thousands of people. These videos are all monetized, and Boogie2988 makes money out of this. Don’t forget he has been managing his channel since 2006.

He also endorses some products in some of his videos. Endorsing a product in a YouTube video, will definitely not be free. And of course, he makes money from streaming on Twitch as well.



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