Blue Peter: Shini Muthukrishnan, TikTok Superstar becomes a TV Presenter

Muthukrishnan, the TikTok star with a large audience and followers will go live this weekend as a the 43rd presenter for a TV show.


Who is Shini Muthukrishnan?

As the 43rd host of Blue Peter, a 22-year-old who amassed a sizable TikTok following during the coronavirus pandemic has joined the program.

Shini Muthukrishnan is a 22-year-old TikTok sensation from Stafford, London. Shini is a graduate of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the prestigious King’s College.

Shini is a mixed-race, from Britain, Malaysia, and India but she was born and raised in Britain. She once played badminton for Staffordshire Country, Stafford.


 Being a Presenter

The Stafford-born star, Shini Muthukrishnan will broadcast live her debut show on CBBC this weekend.

The world’s oldest children’s show will be featuring Joel Mawhinney and Abby Cook as co-hosts

Shini who became popular through TikTok said “I feel so excited being part of Blue Peter as their 43rd Presenter”.



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