BLP Kosher net worth 2024

American rapper Benjamin Landy Pavlon hails from Deerfield Beach, Broward County, Florida. He is most recognized by his stage moniker, BLP Kosher. Ever wondered how much BLP Kosher net worth is? Check it out in this article.

Rise to Prominence

Rapping began in early 2021 for BLP. After the two of them put a song up on SoundCloud, his friend Jew Sheisty, a fellow Jewish rapper, became his mentor and encouraged him to keep rapping.

When Landy-Pavlon told Jew Sheisty he was considering calling himself “luh kosher,” Sheisty advised him to retain the BLP from his skating days, and thus BLP Kosher was born.

Wordplay is BLP’s speciality; each song has several double entendres. His early years of skateboarding are also evident in his songs, which frequently make references to various skate tricks, like the NAC (Not A Chance) attempt made by Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez in the movie Street Dreams, as well as other skaters like Yoshi Tanenbaum, Rob Dyrdek, Tommy Guerrero, and many others. He even makes BMX references regarding Dave Mirra in his bars.

Like his mentor and predecessor Jew Sheisty, BLP has likewise fully embraced his Jewish ancestry. Songs like “Nightmare on Shabbat” and “Hanukkahween” as well as the lyrics of the majority of his songs showcase his Jewish roots. BLP mentions past marijuana addictions and frequently observes Shabbat, abstaining from alcohol and narcotics.

Featuring Detroit rapper BabyTron, “Mazel Tron” became his first significant smash. Within a week, the song and music video, which were recorded in just two days, received over a million views.

BLP Kosher Net Worth

BLP Kosher net worth as of 2024 is estimated at  $750,000. His wealth is greatly influenced by his musical profession.



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