BLP Kosher girlfriend: Who is the rapper dating?

BLP Kosher is an American rapper and songwriter rose to fame after releasing his hit single “Inferno” in 2022. Is the rapper involved romantically with anyone? This article delves into BLP Kosher girlfriend.

Early Life

BLP Kosher was born in Deerfield Beach, which is in Broward County’s South Florida region. Some information, such as his birth name and birthday, has been kept private by Kosher.

Kosher developed a deep affinity for skating at the age of 7. As Kosher became a little older, he started filming stunts in skate parks with friends and wearing apparel inspired by skateboarding. He prayed and looked for small signals from God during his free time.

Around 2019, Kosher started wearing his trademark hairstyle while skating with a close friend named Charmain. In 2023, his friend’s girlfriend passed away. In an attempt to support his buddy, Kosher composed a unique Jewish prayer to take her soul to paradise.

Kosher continued to spend the majority of his days at the skate park and get into mischief at this time. He listened to musicians like Kodak Black, XXXTENTACION, Lil Wayne, and Eminem and enjoyed rapping, but solely as a pastime.

BLP Kosher Girlfriend

Who is BLP Kosher girlfriend? There is no visible information on the internet about the rapper’s girlfriend. He prefers to keep his personal life private as he is currently focused on his music career.



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