Top 5 Bandmanrill songs

In 2020, Bandmanrill released his debut track, “Heartbroken,” and started rapping. He gained notoriety and became a hit maker with that song. He kept releasing singles after that and eventually inked a contract with Warner Music Group. In this article, TimeGist will be discussing top 5 Bandmanrill songs.

Bandmanrill’s Music Breakthrough

Bandmanrill chose to record the bars for his popular song “HeartBroken” during the 2020 pandemic. Then, using a brief clip on Tik Tok, he teased a single online. The song, which had an incredible 170 beats per minute, went viral the day after he was diagnosed with coronavirus.

The world of social media went crazy when his debut single, “Heartbroken,” dropped in the spring of 2021. He became quite well-known in the music industry because of┬áthat single. He kept making additional music recordings after that.

In keeping with this pattern, Bandmanrill and MCVERT released other popular singles, such as “I Am Newark,” “MR.DONTCUFFTHAT,” and “BULLET.

In the end, he managed to land a record deal with Warner Records. He kept releasing hit single after hit single within the terms of the contract. He gave a musical legacy spanning over ten years a new drill-era twist.

Bandmanrill Songs: Top 5

To date, Bandmanrill has put out four EPs: “The Unstoppable” (2021), “The Dreamer” (2018), “The Visionary” (2019), and “The Innovator” (2020). Throughout his career, he has also worked on a variety of projects with a number of other musicians. In no particular order, here are top five Bandmanrill songs:

  1. Heartbroken: Bandmanrill’s breakthrough song is worthy of being noted as his best songs. Released in 2021, Heartbroken has over 1 million views on YouTube.
  2. Close Friends: This track comes in second place for its captivating sounds and lyrics, released in 2022. It has amassed 597k views on YouTube as of time of writing.
  3. Jiggy In Jersey (ft. Sha Ek & DJ Swill B): The young rapper featured other talents on this track from his album, “Club Godfather” released in 2022. As of time of writing, the video on YouTube has over 3.9 million views.
  4. Bullet: Bandmanrill’s “Bullet” came in with a banger in 2021, captivating his fans around the world. It has over 1 million views on YouTube.
  5. I Am Newark: This track released in 2021 has a total of 1.6 million views on YouTube.



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