Apprentice Contestant From Spin-Off Removed Over Antisemitism Complaints!”

“The BBC has removed a contestant from The Apprentice spin-off show following allegations of posting antisemitic remarks on social media.

Asif Munaf has previously expressed regret for any offense his comments about Israel may have caused but has denied any antisemitic intent.

However, the Board of Deputies of British Jews complained with the BBC on Wednesday, citing his ‘abhorrent antisemitism.’ While Munaf will still feature in the main programme, he will not appear in the corresponding episode of You’re Fired. This spin-off typically includes an exit interview with the candidate eliminated from the business competition that week.”

A statement from the BBC declared: “We confirm that the individual in question will not appear as a guest on any future BBC content related to The Apprentice.”

Just before the recent series of the television competition began in late January, Munaf issued a statement, expressing, “I apologize for any offense caused by my online content and social media. It was not my intention to offend anyone, and I am open to all viewpoints. The beliefs I express stem from the values instilled in me during my upbringing.” In a separate statement on X date, he admitted to using “ill-judged and emotional language.”

During that period, a representative for The Apprentice stated: “Following the completion of filming, we became aware of concerns regarding Asif’s social media posts made after he departs from the show.” The producers took swift action, engaging in detailed discussions with Asif and providing specialized training to help him understand the potential offensiveness of his posts.”

Asif Munaf was given “specialized training to understand why his posts may offend,” producers stated.

On Thursday, Marie van der Zyl, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, criticized the BBC’s response, stating that the corporation only took action after a significant complaint. She highlighted that while Munaf was sent on a diversity and training course after his antisemitic tweets were discovered post-show, further inquiries by the producers were warranted. Van der Zyl emphasized that the BBC’s response lacked promptness, suggesting that if the issue had concerned another group, the BBC would have acted more swiftly.

The Board of Deputies called for a public apology from the BBC to the Jewish community and urged the organization to provide antisemitism awareness training for those responsible.

Munaf previously refuted allegations of antisemitism as “slanderous.” In response to the BBC’s decision, he posted messages on X, vowing to continue speaking out against what he termed as genocide, a term Israel has strongly denied.

The doctor from Sheffield has extensively discussed Israel’s military actions in Gaza, following an attack by Hamas, recognized as a terrorist organization in multiple countries. He has also criticized Zionism, describing it as “fascism on steroids,” “a commercial enterprise based on apartheid,” and “a cancer.” Zionism refers to the movement advocating for a Jewish state in the historical region of Israel. In a recent post, Munaf stated that “Anti-Zionism is not racism or antisemitism.”

Munaf, along with Lord Sugar and production company Fremantle, have been contacted for comment.


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