Anthony Anderson Landed In the ER After Movie Stunt Went Wrong

Who is Anthony Anderson?

Anthony Anderson is an American actor, comedian, and writer. He is well-known for his roles in television shows like “Black-ish,” where he portrays Andre “Dre” Johnson, and in films like “Kangaroo Jack” and “The Departed.” Anderson has also been involved in various comedy specials and has a significant presence in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

Anthony Anderson was born on August 15, 1970, in Los Angeles, California, USA. He attended Hollywood High School Performing Arts Magnet’s theater program. Anderson married his wife, Alvina Stewart, in 1995, and they have two children together. He is known for his love of food and hosted a food travel show called “Eating America with Anthony Anderson.” Anderson has been open about his struggles with weight and has undergone significant weight loss transformations. He is active in philanthropy and has supported various charitable organizations. In 2004, Anderson was arrested for suspicion of rape, but the charges were later dropped, and he was never charged with a crime. He has been an advocate for diversity and representation in the entertainment industry. Anderson has received multiple award nominations for his acting and comedic talents. Overall, Anthony Anderson’s personal and professional journey reflects resilience, commitment, and a passion for entertainment.

Movie Stunt Went Wrong

The performer sustained injuries during filming for his upcoming movie “G20” in Cape Town, South Africa, and provided a detailed account of the incident on Instagram Thursday.

“I spent the night in the emergency room,” he shared, accompanied by an image of himself on a stretcher. “A scene from the movie went awry. It was me versus two adversaries and a chair! Can you guess who didn’t emerge victorious?” He mentioned that despite receiving medical attention, he was fortunate to escape without any fractures.

“Who needs a stunt double? I do! Age catches up,” he quipped. “CT scans and X-rays revealed no fractures or breaks in my spine, just a severe bruise. However, that chair will bear the scars! Battered but not defeated!”

Comedian Loni Love responded to Anderson’s post, saying, “Hey, old friend, looks like you could use a stunt double… Oh my, get better soon, with that broken back.”

Tracee Ellis Ross, Anderson’s former co-star from “Black-ish,” expressed relief, stating, “You’re not indestructible. I’m really glad you’re okay.”

Television host Kevin Frazier humorously remarked, “Quit battling chairs.”


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