Who Are Angus Cloud Parents: Here’s What To Know

Angus Cloud is a household name in the entertainment industry due to his breakout role in the popular Euphoria HBO series and in this post we will be talking about his parents.

With his captivating performance as Fezco, a drug dealer with a tender heart, Cloud quickly became the people’s favorite and a rising star to watch. 

However, despite all the buzz surrounding him, questions about his personal life have also emerged. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at Angus Cloud family background and explore the influence of his parents in shaping his career. 

Angus Cloud’s Early Beginning

Growing up in Oakland, California, Angus showed a passion for the arts from an early age. 

He also participated in various school plays and local theater productions throughout his childhood. 

He was born July 10, 1998 and died July 31, 2023 at the age of 25 in his hometown, Oakland California.

His family still lives in Ireland and he’s of Irish descent, Molly and Fiola are his two immediate younger twin sisters .

Furthermore, Cloud schooled at Oakland school of Arts where he bagged a degree In Production Design.

It was during this time that he discovered his love for storytelling and connecting with audiences through his performances. 

With the support of his parents and mentors, Angus Cloud pursued his dreams of becoming an actor.

Also, honing his skills and gaining valuable experience both on stage and in front of the camera. 

Cloud career Success

Cloud’s career picked when he was scouted by the cast director for the euphoria film while he was working at Woodlands restaurant close to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

When the Euphoria casting director Jennifer Venditti met him, he initially thought she was a scam.

In the Euphoria series, he portrayed the cast, Fezco, a soft hearted drug dealer who often provides moral guidance to other characters.

Angus Cloud has quickly established himself as a rising star in the entertainment industry with the support of his parents. 

Meanwhile, Cloud had never acted during his school days and after  until he took up the role of Fezco and displayed expertise 

From his breakout role on the hit HBO series “Euphoria” to his appearances in various films and commercials, Cloud’s versatility and ability to embody complex characters have garnered attention and admiration from both his peers and audiences worldwide. 

Here’s a list of his career highlights;

  • Cloud portrayed his own character in the streaming Adult Swim television series The Perfect Women in 2019
  • He appeared in Noah Cyrus’s music video for “All Three” In 2020.
  • Morealso, in  2021, he played the role Walker in the comedy drama movie North Hollywood. 
  • He appeared in two music videos for Juice World’s “Cigarettes” for Becky G and Karol G’s  and “Mamiii” music videos in 2022. 
  • Lastly, in 2023, he appeared in the film “The Line”, portraying Robert DeWitt. The same year, he signed with United Talent Agency (UTA) and acted in about three more movies before his demise.

Who Are Angus Cloud Parents

Angus Cloud parents have remained private individuals, with limited information available about their background. 

However, it can be inferred that they have played a crucial role in Angus Cloud’s life and development. Like many parents would. 

Their influence  in his life have undoubtedly contributed to his journey as an actor. 

Also, it’s saddening  that this actor was found dead in his family house at Oakland following an accidental multiple drug overdose.

It’s unfortunate that he’s death is now an example and lesson against drug abuse and related substance intake.  


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