Alexei Navalny net worth: How much was the politician worth?

Alexei Navalny was a well-known Russian politician, blogger and vlogger who spent years exposing corruption in the President Putin-led government in Russia. He suddenly fell ill and passed away while serving jail terms in a prison in Russia’s Yamalo-Nenets district, on Friday, February 16. Since the news of his death made the rounds, a lot of people have become eager to know much about his personal finances as well as his cause of death. In this article, however, we’ll talk about Alexei Navalny net worth before his unfortunate demise.

Alexei Navalny spent his formative years in Obninsk. He pursued a degree in law at the Russian State Law Academy before embarking on a career as a lawyer. However, it was his foray into blogging that catapulted him into the spotlight. Through his blog, Navalny fearlessly exposed corruption within Russian politics and business circles, quickly establishing himself as a prominent opposition figure.

Navalny’s life was deeply intertwined with political activism, which has both shaped his identity and led to numerous legal entanglements and incarcerations. He has spearheaded various anti-corruption campaigns, often at great personal risk, resulting in multiple arrests and assassination attempts.

Alexei Navalny net worth

At the time of demise, Alexei Navalny had an estimated net worth that stands at $1.2 million. This figure reflects his diverse sources of income. Income from his career as a private attorney, blogging, vlogging as well as contributions from benevolent supporters, all contributed to his net worth.

Income from Legal Practice: Navalny’s background in law has been instrumental in shaping his financial standing. His career as a lawyer has seen him represent clients in high-profile cases, serving as a primary source of income.

Earnings from Blogging: Through his influential blog, Navalny has not only exposed corruption but also monetized his platform through advertisements and donations. This has provided him with a supplementary income stream bolstering his financial stability.

Supporter Contributions: Navalny’s unwavering commitment to his cause has garnered him a dedicated following, resulting in substantial financial support from his supporters. These donations have played a pivotal role in financing his campaigns and the numerous legal battles he faced.

Sources on the internet say the politician also made a number of investments which all churned out good profits.

Who inherits Alexei Navalny’s net worth

According to inheritance laws in Russia, when a Russian citizen dies, 50% of his/her estate goes to the children or parents of the deceased. In case there is no lawful heir, the estate is passed to the Russian Government as the fortune is declared heirless.

Therefore, Navalny’s net worth will be inherited by his daughter, wife and parents who are all alive. According to the law, the inheritance must be distributed evenly to the aforementioned people.


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