Al Gore wife: Who Is The Former US Vice President Married To?

The all time New York Times Best seller Author, Al Gore was married to a fellow Author and Educator. Tipper Gore is the wife of former Vice President Al Gore, She was a two term second lady of the United State in 1993 and 2001 and they are happily married. 

Al Gore was a typical congressman with heart for the people and his family, he knows too well to cherish every moment shared with his wife who is the people’s person. But like the saying goes “marriage is not a bed of roses”, they got divorced in 2010.

Their union is blessed with four lovely children Karenna born on August 6th, 1973, Kristin June 5th, 1977, Sarah January 7th, 1979 and Albert III October 19th, 1982.

Who Is Al Gore Wife?

The wife of our dear activist, Al Gore who is originally named Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson and nicknamed Tipper which became her unofficial popular name. She was born on August 19th, 1948 and grew up in Arlington, Virginia, a home her family still owns.

Tipper met her beloved husband in her high school graduation dance at St Agnes, after which Al Gore made her his wife in the National Cathedral, Washington DC on May 19,1970.

Notwithstanding honeymoon butterflies, Tipper bagged her B.A Degree in Psychology from Boston University the same year she got married. Five years later (1975) her ambition grew bigger and she received a Master’s Degree In Psychology from George Peabody College at Vanderbilt University.

In addition, She is a professional photographer who demonstrated expatriate work in the field by working at Nashville Tennessean before she became second lady when Gore was elected Vice President.

What Is Al Gore Wife Known For?

Who is Al Gore wife is a question every American ask. The wife of Al Gore built a life beyond America Politics as she takes up positions in the state as women, children and family advocate with commendable remarks and achievements.

She is the co-founder of Parents’ Music Resource Center (PMRC) in 1985, which promotes parental and consumer awareness of popular entertainment marketed to children. 

Finally, Tipper succeeded in putting a warning on consumer labels for music with violent lyrics and today, this act has formed a model for music labeling in television and other social platforms.

‘Raising PG Kids in an X-Rated Society’ is one of the first book published by this great educator and advocate in 1987, subsequently she wrote amazing books showcasing her responsibility in the entertainment industry.

She partnered with National Mental Health Association and released an exhibit, “Homeless in America”. Unarguably, Tipper Gore is a woman to be reckoned with, a mother to run to and a great leader to learn from.

Who is Tipper Gore Married To Now?

Tipper Gore married Bill Allen after several years of being in a relationship with him, their union has impacted many.

Bill Allen is a former National Geographic Editor and a social philanthropist who married Al Gore ex wife and together, they are volunteering and participating in various philanthropic activities.

The wedding between Bill Allen and Tipper Gore took place at their home in Nashville, Tennessee.


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