Al Gore Children: Who Are They?

Al Gore is an advocate for climate change awareness, he won medals for being an exceptional congressman and environmental advocate, his children didn’t fall short of his legacy.

During his term as a congressman, the aforementioned Vice President introduced the need for man-made climate change and saw to it that the mandate was carried on.

Although Al Gore’s marriage with Tipper Gore lasted for 40 years before the divorce case, he loved and cherished his lady that he lawfully wedded in 1970.

Tipper Gore is a positive force to reckon with as she fought mental health illnesses and homelessness while on seat as second lady of the United State of America. Together, Tipper Gore and Al Gore have four beautiful children, they are;

  • Sarah Gore
  • Karenna Gore
  • Kristin Gore
  • Al Gore III 

Marriage Life

Al Gore met his beautiful wife at her graduation prom in 1965 and their bond grew stronger resulting in marriage on May 19, 1970 at National Cathedral Washington DC.

These two love birds started recreating and today, Al Gore and Tipper have four children turned adults. They share the same ideology and philanthropic approach towards life making them stand out in the state.

Meanwhile in 2010, after 40 years in marriage, this quintessential couple separated. According to Guardian news, “The US has been genuinely shocked this week to learn that its former “second couple”, Al and Tipper Gore, have agreed to separate after 40 years of marriage, a landmark they had celebrated with close family and friends only a couple of weeks ago.”

After a long and thoughtful consideration, the couple had a mutual agreement to go their separate ways leaving Americans in shock.

Al Gore Children 

Al Gore and Tipper Gore are blessed with four beautiful children. The eldest daughter, Karenna Aitcheson Gore was born August 6th, 1973 after three years of their union. Karenna is an American author like her parents, lawyer, and climate activist just like Al Gore. 

She was married to Andrew Newman Schiff (1997) and later divorced in 2010, the marriage was blessed with Wyatt Gore Schiff, Anna Hunger Schiff and Oscar Aitcheson Schiff.

More also, After Karenna, Tipper Gore had another child named Sarah Gore who was born 7th January 1979 (45 years) in Alexandria Virginia, USA. She is the youngest daughter and is happily married to Rick Maiani. The event was a small and casual celebration under a historic Torrey pine tree in 2014.

to crown it up, Al Gore has an alpha male child, Al Gore III born 19 October, 1982. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and is happily married with three children.

Albert Gore III is the Executive Director of Zero Emission Transportation Associate and a veteran in the Clean Technology Space. In the Midwestern and Eastern United States, Al Gore III is currently the lead for Public Policy And Business Development.

In addition, there is Kristin Gore, she is the second daughter of the former Vice President of the United State of America. Born 5th June, 1977, she got married to Paul Cusack and the marriage lasted from 2005-2009.

Kristin later got married in 2016 to Damian Kulash, she’s a great screenwriter known for Saturday Night’s Love, A Director and American Author.


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