Who is Aitch girlfriend? Here’s what to know

Rapper Aitch is renowned for his frank and incisive songs, which touch on a variety of subjects such as relationships, family, and his rise to prominence. The young talent was born on December 9, 1999. The rapper has been involved in a couple of relationships. But is he in currently dating? Let’s investigate Aitch girlfriend in this article.

Who is Aitch?

Aitch started working in the music business in 2015. His first big break came via freestyle rap videos on YouTube. His EP On Your Marks was released as a result of his obvious dedication to and love for music. But when “Straight Rhymez” was released in 2018, the world took notice.

Close to Home (2022), his debut studio album, peaked at number two on the UK Albums Chart. After leaving school, he began his job with his grandfather working in construction. However, fate had other ideas, and he became well-known for his natural musical ability.

Having inked a record contract with Capitol Records, he has put out numerous albums under the label. He distinguishes himself from other musicians with his distinct style, which combines UK rap with Alternative/Indie and Nigerian Alté.

Aitch is making waves in the music industry with albums like The Garden and Close to Home. Aitch is not an exception to the rule that success in the music industry is generally accompanied by a luxury lifestyle. He has lived in his lovely home in Manchester for the majority of his life. His passion for luxury is evident in his collection of cars, which includes a stunning Aston Martin, a Jaguar, and a new Subaru.

Who is Aitch girlfriend?

Aitch made headlines in January 2023 when he appeared to announce his romance with Australian influencer Lola Thompson.

However, the couple, who dated for 10 months from October 2022 to October 2023, expressed their “gut feelings” about the breakup.

Aitch declared during the 2024 BRIT Awards that he is currently single and promised to “look for a wife” during the ceremony.

Source: TimeGist.com


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