Adam Britton wife: Who is the zoologist married to?

Adam is in the news after pleading guilty of abusing dogs and killing them. The 51-year-old Darwin-based animal expert appeared in the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory (NT) on Monday. He admits the accusations and pleading guilty to four counts of downloading and sending child abuse material. Many want to know of he is married and therefor in this article, we’ll learn about Adam Britton wife.

Who is Adam Britton ?

Adam Britton is 52 years old and was born in 1970. Britton traveled to Australia to pursue his original research goal of studying crocodiles. Britton earned a Ph.D. in 1996 for his research on the echolocation and battle behavior of trawling insectivorous bats. He holds the title of Senior Research Associate.

In the Northern Territory Supreme Court, he was identified as the serial animal abuser. Britton physically harmed around 42 pets before being apprehended in April 2022.

Britton, 52, teamed with his wife and David Attenborough for a British media company. He is accused of abusing dozens of canines at his Australian animal shelter.

He is an Australian academic who formerly hosted famed broadcaster David Attenborough and presented on the BBC program Natural World.

Britton would even videotape himself abusing defenseless animals in what he dubbed his “torture room”. “The torture room” is shipping container outfitted with recording equipment. He then upload the disgusting footage online, according to the court.

Adam Britton wife.

In wake of the charges, many want to know about Adam Britton wife because they are curious to know how the wife feels in these moments. Adam is married to Erin Britton.

While not much is known about Erin’s private life, she and her husband are co-founders of consultancy company Big Gecko, which sold footage of crocodiles to TV and film directors.

Moreover, their saltwater crocodile, Smaug has featured in the horror film Black Water, starring Maeve Dermody and Diana Glenn.

The couple once hosted David Attenborough on their property during the filming of Bafta-winning BBC series Life in Cold Blood which examines cold-blooded amphibians.

The couple was interviewed about their investigation on ABC News and Triple J’s news show, Hack, around six months before his imprisonment.

However, during a Covid lockdown in 2020, the couple videotaped themselves feeding a freshwater crocodile on their home and posted the video to Facebook.

Also, Adam Britton wife Erin Britton, a wildlife ranger, once met Prince Harry and help him in capturing a saltwater crocodile. According to the Daily Mail, Erin was ignorant of her husband’s unsettling thoughts and has since changed her surname.


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