About Sahar Sonia,the woman ‘responsible’ for Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole split

After it was revealed that singer Peso Pluma was caught with another woman, Nicki Nicole took to her Instagram handle to confirmed the end of their relationship.

The latest development sparked numerous concerns, as people immediately wanted to know the identity of the third party.

In this article, you will get to know about Sahar Sonia, the woman that brought Pluma and Nicki’s love story to an end.

Who is Sahar Sonia?

Sonia is an influencer who is dedicated to sharing content about her travels and luxuries. In addition, on her Instagram account she described herself as a “private investigator”.

The photographs which spread on social media like wildfire captured Sahar Sonia, an influencer with more than 19,000 followers on Instagram.

The photos, shared on the model’s profile revealed some details that resembled the controversial clip.

Among them, they highlighted her long hair and a white Chanel handbag that she commonly uses.

The handbag is similar to the one rocked by the Mexican’s companion in Las Vegas.

After the name of Peso Pluma’s companion was mentioned, some followers of the Argentinean resorted to leave negative comments and later her account was deleted.

Before Sahar’s account was disabled, the model responded to the criticism by asking not to believe everything that is said online.

“Don’t believe everything you hear in the media. There are always two sides to a story,” she wrote without giving more details or clarifying if she was referring to the singer’s controversy.

Meanwhile, Peso Pluma is still silent on the issue.


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